Salicylic Acne Treatment Kit


Our Salicylic Acne Treatment Kit contains:

1 Clear Skin Cleanser with BHA, Niacinamide and Centella
(an effective skin clarifying wash to reduce inflammation, regulate oils in skin and helps to actively treat breakouts)

1 Clear Skin Toner with BHA, HA & Niacinamide
(a treatment that penetrates skin to exfoliate, smoothen, reduce redness and breakouts, while HA boosts collagen and hydrates)

1 Clear Skin Treatment Gel
(a leave on treatment with effective Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to control breakouts, reduce inflammation, even out skin tone and help reduce enlarged pores)

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Details & Directions

Salicylic Acne Treatment Kit

BHA & AHA can increase skin sensitivity, particularly to UV light, therefore the best time to use the treatment gel is at night.

If using during daytime it is always recommended to use face sunscreen in conjunction with this treatment to prevent sun damage.

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