Body Oil

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Our rich oil base is unscented and made with a luxurious blend of clear jojoba, sweet almond and apricot kernel oils.

You can infuse your body oil with a Fragrance, Essential Oil, Liquid soluble extract and dried herbs or flowers.

For best enjoyment, we recommend no more than 1 of each ingredient.

Customise your body oil by selecting your option below:

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Details & Directions

Body Oil

How to create your own body oil at the mixing bar?

Step 1: begin with a body oil base.
Step 2: select 1 fragrance from the menu.
Step 3: select 1 essential oil to enhance and increase skin-care benefits of your body oil.
Step 4: boost with 1 oil soluble extract
Step 5: infuse with dried herb or flower
Then we mix!

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